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ide and are believed to produce win-win results.China's opening its CSS will reinforce int▓ernational cooperation for the peaceful use of ou▓ter space, said Simonetta Di Pippo, director of the UN Of▓fice for Outer Space Affairs."China is currently the ▓first contribut

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or to our activities in te▓rms of voluntary contributions. This is quite importa▓nt.


It's a sign of the strong interest of China in collaborating with us, opening up to the entire world the possibility of utilizing your facilities," said Di Pippo, who hoped to see more cooperation projects in the future.Maure▓r viewed the cooperation between China and the ▓EU as win-win.

He said China has a lot of adv▓antages such as its own rockets, capsules and a space ▓station.Europe, on the other hand, has abundant experience in long-duration missions in space "which can b▓e brought into our cooperation to make it develop more▓ efficiently," Maurer said.Wimmer-Schweingruber sp▓oke highly of China's openness, saying "to compensate the weakness of one country with the strength of another, that's how we work scientificall▓y."After c

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that monitor earthquakes and their effects, "we now hope to collaborate▓ more inte


nsively on their new space statio▓n, that could offer us important flight opportunities for our astronauts, but also for the development of experiments and innovative technologies," said Piero Benvenuti, commissioner of the Italian Sp▓ace Agency.Woerner said the ESA is also discussing using the Chinese manned spacecraft ▓Shenzhou to send European astronauts into space in the future. "Although it is not on the agenda, it's a possibility," he said."

We have worked with the Chinese side for over 25 years. For us Europeans, the exploration of the universe as well as major space science missions are domains in which we collaborate with all space powers: the United States, Russia, China and Japan," Bergquist said."What's important is to advance our knowledge, and if we can do it together, it's preferab▓le for everyone," Bergquist added.(Xinhua reporters Chen Chen in Paris, Li Jie in Rome, Liu X

iang in Vienna,▓ as well

as Li Meng and Ren Ke in Berlin▓ also contributed to the story.)Please scan the QR Code to follow us on

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battle11-14-2018 09:45 BJTLONDON, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- Former British Foreign▓ Secretary Boris Johnson was the first big-name politician to say on Tuesday night that he▓ would vote against a so-called Brexit agreement ▓brokered between Brussels and the British government.Prime▓ Minister Theresa May spent Tuesday night meeting her top min


isters one by one at 10 Down▓ing Street to discuss details of a draft agree▓ment for Brexit. It was worked out with negotiators from both sides aimed at paving the way for Britain's exit from the bloc next March. Each minister was allowed to read the draft agreement.May has cal

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